Shepparton MooovingArt Adds New Herd Member – Viewing Outdoor Cow Displays Are Among the Best and Most Fun Things to Do in Shepparton, Victoria

Shepparton Victoria Things To Do Mooving Art Cow Display Hurlstone Homestead B&B Mermaid CowOne of the most surprising, unique, and engaging things to do in Shepparton is to view the wildly decorated cow sculptures that are positioned throughout the town as part of the city’s MooovingArt outdoor art displays. For the past week we’ve had a visitor from America staying at the Hurlstone Homestead B&B and she was “udderly” thrilled when she “herd” that Shepparton had a crazy cow outdoor exhibition just like some cities back home in Texas. We put a collection of her most “amoosing” cow photos on a Pinterest pinboard. You can click on any of the photos in this post to see them all.

If you haven’t “herd,” there’s a new addition to the MooovingArt herd and there’s a contest going on to name her. So another fun thing to do in Shepparton is to